Combined Pre Purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspections Melbourne

Looking at a new property around Melbourne’s North or beyond?

If yes, as part of any wise due diligence process, it is important to have our cost saving Combined Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne and Timber Pest Inspections conducted before you finalise any contract or make a decision to bid at auction.

Sometimes it happens all so quickly and buyers are not able to pay attention to all the details and building issues while the excitement of purchasing a new home takes hold. But, with the help of Northern House Inspections Melbourne, you can easily resolve all these issues and get the best reports you need to make an informed decision from a qualified building and pest inspector on your property. At Northern House Inspections Melbourne, we make it our mission to make sure you have knowledge on your side.

To arrange our Combined Pre-Purchase Inspections Melbourne and Building and Termite Pest Inspection Melbourne services please fill out our easy and free no-obligation quote form.

Save the hassle of ordering separate inspections with our Combined Building and Termite Pest Inspections Melbourne.

Don't risk your family's safety with major structural defects or hidden infestation problems. That can be costly or unsafe including:

  • Structural defects from footings and underlaying foundation issues;

  • Degraded roofing or poorly detailed flashings;

  • Insufficient roof drainage provisions causing roof leaks;

  • Unsafe stair railing or balustrading on balconies;

  • Impact risk from unsafe glazing or falls risk from high set windows;

  • Concealed leaks from shower recesses, other wet areas or balconies;

  • Rising damp or lateral damp issues;

  • Sagging or loss of adhesion to ceiling linings;

  • Poor site drainage that directs stormwater runoff towards foundations;

  • Under-engineered retaining walls; and

Significant timber pest infestation that can reduce structural integrity;

Any one of these issues can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

That is why our Combined Building and Timber Pest Inspection report is a solid investment choice.

Our Combined Building and Termite Pest Inspection Melbourne service covers:

  • The use of state-of-the-art thermal imaging and moisture reading technology to detect water leaks, waterproofing defect or timber pest infestations

  • All inspections are completed by our chief building and pest inspector to insure the highest standard of reporting

  • Two highly detailed reports that could save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars repairing hidden building or timber pest defects

With expert advice on major building defects, significant waterproofing issues, timber pest infestation, as well as building safety advice, you will also sidestep potential pain from insurance companies. Home insurance policies may not provide cover for significant wear and tear defects or pre-existing timber pest and termite infestation.

For total peace of mind, call Mike on 0481 299 682 to book your Combined Building and Timber Pest Inspection and save!

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