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Secure your investment with any one of our Independent Property Inspections in Melbourne

Get in touch with Northern House Inspections and have us conduct your independent property Inspection anywhere in Melbourne. It's not a very well-known fact that homes sellers can deliberately concealed minor and major defects in order to sell their properties. It is far too late to go back and tackle the vendor about such defects, once the contract has been signed and the payment made.

If you're looking to sign a contract of sale or bid at auction in Melbourne, You need an independent property inspection from Northern House Inspections not only to identify these issues, but provide you with a recommendation along with a detailed specification for the repairs required, and potential costs involved.

For your biggest financial investment, book one of our house inspection services before buying, selling or settling your home in Melbourne. For peace of mind, call 0481 299 682 to book one of the following services:

Pre-purchase Building Inspection

Prior to purchase, book a detailed report outlining the condition and safety of all internal and external areas plus recommendations for essential repairs and associated costs.

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inpsection

Before you buy, book a timber pest inspection for a detailed report highlighting the condition of your property, including any active or past pest infestations, plus clear explanations of any defects with recommendations for repair.

Combined Building and Timber Pest Inpsection

Peace of mind before you buy with a combined building and timber pest inspection, arming you with knowledge of the condition of your property before purchase.

Vendor Statement / Pre-sale House Inspection

Both buyers and sellers want to be armed with the most comprehensive knowledge before their large acquisition or sale. Our thorough reports help guarantee your peace-of-mind.

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All Northern House Inspections Reports are:

  • Conducted by an experienced and trusted building inspector in accordance with Australian Standards

  • Comprehensive and detailed, including a written report covering up 1000 building defects, with colour photos

  • Detailed in easy to understand terms covering all building defects and faults

  • Ideal for all types of homes, from apartments to mansions

  • Backed by our professional indemnity and public liability insurance

For peace of mind, call Mike on 0481 299 682 to book your Northern house inspection.

Whether buyer or vendor, we work for you, and you alone.
Highly experienced and backed by Australian Standards.
Fully insured
Both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
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