Vendor Statement and Pre-sale House Inspection Melbourne

Before you decide to sell or as part of your auction campaign anywhere in Melbourne’s north, it pays to have an independent Pre Sale Building and Timber Pest or Vendor Statement Inspection on hand.

Our independent and comprehensive Pre-sale Building and Timber Pest reports are suitable for both buyers and sellers. Get complete peace of mind, with knowledge on your side.

Pre-Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspection or Vendor Statement to include in your Contract of Sale

Our reports will give you a realistic idea of any issues your house may have before you prepare it for sale. If you want a smooth process with no hiccups, put yourself in the best position during the sale - and get the best price possible. Your small investment in our services can also give any potential purchaser greater confidence to make a strong offer and limit the stress of multiple purchasers having other inspections conducted. Our reports could also avoid any costly contract renegotiation or worse such as having a contract voided and having to then relist your home.

Let us take some of that stress away and make life easier for you. It is often thought by many that the act of selling your home can be one of the most stressful times in your life. You want to sell your existing home so that you can buy another and, in most cases, the new home will be bigger and better than your existing one. Therefore, it is essential that when you make the sale, you get the best price possible for your current home, which of course means that you would have more money for your new one. The problem is, unless you have carried out a full inspection of your property and know exactly what to look for when doing the inspection, then potential buyers may be able to point out a whole list of problems both large and small, that would enable them to start making offers far below your anticipated sales price. 

At Northern House Inspections we can carry out a full Pre-Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspection for you, often at very short notice. We will visually inspect all accessible internal and external areas of the property from top to bottom and should we identify any possible defects that could affect the sale of your house, we will point these out to you and advise on rework options. Our report will outline, in detail the defects or problems that you will need to rectify or disclose prior to the sale of your property. Call Northern House Inspections now and let us help you take the sting out of selling your home.

For peace of mind, call Mike on 0481 299 682 to book your Vendor Statement or Pre-Sale House Inspection.

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