Our House Inspection Process

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspection includes a detailed report along with easy to understand specifications for essential repairs and costs

1. Book

Select your house inspection service and call us on 0481 299 682. Whether it's a new home purchase, or you're moving home or selling a home, ask us about your tight deadline - we may be able to fit you in under 24 hours.

2. Confirm

Once you are booked, our inspectors need to gain entrance to the property. We will contact either the estate agent or vendor on your behalf, confirm the appointment time, and arrange to pick up the keys.

3. House inspection

Northern House Inspections Melbourne provides a detailed overview of the home. We specifically look in all the hard-to-access areas such as the roof cavity and foundations, and fill out a comprehensive report detailing how the inspection was carried out, and any potential issues.

4. Report

Once we have completed the inspection, we telephone you direct with an overview. This is followed up with the full house inspection report emailed within 24 hours. Our comprehensive reports are accompanied by photographs detailing any particular areas for concern, particularly in the roof void, sub-floor and other internal areas.

5. Advise

If our inspection reveals anything of immediate concern, we bring this to your attention. We detail our recommendations for the repairs and remedial work necessary to rectify these issues. We also carry the appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance to support our recommendations.

Download a sample of one of our detailed house inspection reports. For a comprehensive house inspection quote, call Mike on 0481 299 682.

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