Property Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what areas of Melbourne do you do house inspections?

    We focus our house and building inspection service on northern Melbourne, and service the areas of Mill Park, Craigieburn, and Sunbury, as well as Wallan and Beveridge. We can travel further around Melbourne for our valued clients, so call us on 0481 299 682 with your request.

  • How much does house inspection cost?

    This will depend on the size of your property. Request a quote online for your house inspection, and we will contact you with further details.

  • I want to buy a brick house built on a concrete slab. Are you sure I still need a pest report?

    We are often asked this question! The simple answer is yes. Pests only need a gap of 2mm to get in, so even though the building may have a concrete slab base, there could still be gaps in the mortar or bricks and even the drainpipes that would allow pests in. Although we tend to think of Melbourne as flat and uniform, it's very diverse. Some areas shift a lot due to poor clay soil, and others are prone to pest infestation, regardless of building material or age of the house. Call Mike on 0481 299 682 with your inquiry.

  • Am I covered for anything that comes up in the house inspection report after I’ve signed a sales contract?

    We strongly recommend that you conduct a building inspection before signing any contract. Most sales contracts will only protect you if our inspection shows there to be any 'major defects' in the building.

  • I need this inspection ASAP! How soon can you produce a report?

    Please call Mike on 0481 299 682 with your inquiry, as we can sometimes do it on the same day. If not, it will be carried out within 24 hours, or when you need. We also work weekends!

  • How does Northern House Inspections get into the property?

    This is very easy for our clients - we take care of everything! For access, we usually make contact with the real estate agents and leave it up to them to arrange access for us. However, if it is a private sale, we will make appropriate arrangements direct with the vendors.

  • Am I allowed to be present on the day of the house inspection?

    Most of our clients prefer to have a detailed discussion with our inspector after they have received the report. This is presented, with photographs, within 24 hours of the inspection. However if you do want to be there yourself this is not a problem! Since the inspection is very detailed process, all we request is that the inspector is allowed to complete his work with no distractions.

  • Do your house inspectors have sufficient experience? Do you have the right insurance?

    Our Chief Inspector Mike Linklater has decades of experience within the building trade. This experience gives Northern House Inspections unique insight into the 'tricks of the trade' of the building industry. He also has extensive training in the state-of-the-art technology needed to complete each detailed report, and is highly experienced in interpreting the data produced by our machines.

    Northern House Inspections undertake all inspections in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards. All our house inspectors have full protection for both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability risks.