New Home Handover Inspection (PCI) Services in Melbourne

Are you planning to settle on your new home soon? Northern House Inspections can conduct your new home handover inspection report anywhere in Melbourne.

When all construction of your new home has finished, identify any sub-standard work before accepting final ownership.

In the excitement of building your brand-new home it's common to overlook common handover problems, such as poor finishing's or inherent defects. The very last inspection when all construction has finished can be the difference between a dream and a nightmare handover.

It's quite amazing to see how many times any problems or slight imperfections found in your brand-new home isn't a priority with your builder once he's received your final payment. It's also quite normal to have disagreements with the builder during the construction process due to poor workmanship. NEVER FORGET! This investment in your new home is probably one of the largest and most important you will ever make and so any last-minute setbacks could make the excitement somewhat miserable!

Allow Mike at Northern House Inspections Melbourne to keep your spirits high and complete a New Home Handover Inspection before you part with your hard earned cash. We will find those little imperfections or substandard work that, because of all the excitement in the new house, you may not have seen yourself and of course by then, it will be too late. We will prepare a fully detailed report depicting the actual condition of the building. If our inspection reveals any signs of substandard finishing's or inherent defects, we will highlight these in the report. This will enable you to point out the problems to the builder and have them rectified before you accept final ownership.

Before you sign-off on your new home, get Northern House Inspections to complete a New Home Handover report for you.

  • Fully detailed report outlining the actual condition of the building
  • Identify common handover problems to your builder
  • Have any building problems fixed before you accept final ownership

For peace of mind, call Mike on 0481 299 682 to book your New Home Handover Inspection.

We all know it is better to be safe than sorry - particularly with a new dream home! Complete our 'instant quote' form for your New Home Handover Inspection today.