How to keep your Melbourne home well maintained

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Home Condition Reports from Northern House Inspections Melbourne.

Our homes are the biggest investment that any individual can make. There is a lot that goes into building a home, such as, money, time, resources and patience. It can be a real waste of all these and more if you do not keep your home in the state that it deserves to be in. The worst thing that you can do to your home is not maintain it to its right health. A deprived home is the worst place to live in.

Why is it important to maintain your home on a regular basis?

With your home being your greatest asset, it is important that you protect it from natural and physical forces. These may deplete the condition of your home due to exposure to them over a period of time. It is important that you conduct quarterly, half yearly or annual inspections of your home with the help of qualified inspectors such as Northern House Inspections. We are the experts who can point out the specific areas in your home that need extra care. With our reports and direction, some general maintenance every month can bring your home back to health. The aim here is to attend to small maintenance activities rather than blowing out your finances with huge repair costs.

Easy and quick maintenance tips:

Getting in touch with Northern House Inspections Melbourne can arm you with a number of different tips that are both easy and quick to execute. These take the least amount of time to do and can save you thousands in maintenance costs for your property. Some of these tips include:-

Build a Grading system around the dwelling-

Building a grading around the house is the best effort you can put into stop rainwater or any other kind of water from coming inside the house. This is especially important if you have a subfloor. You do not want your subfloor to become a mini pool. The grading slopes outward from the house, allowing the water is pouring on it, to be directed away from the dwelling.

Clean your gutters regularly-

It is important for any house owner to understand that most harm to the property is done through water. Be that through leakage, overflow, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that all guttering and downpipes to the house remain clean and leaf free all the time.

There are also other things that need looking into, such as - subfloor ventilation, weep holes, safety switches (RCD's), smoke detectors, roof void insulation, etc. All these little maintenance jobs keep you away from costly repairs or permanent damages to your property.

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