Why Pre Purchase building defects could cost you thousands!!

Why Waterproofing defects could cost you thousands!!

A wet area describes an area within a building supplied with water from a water supply system. These areas include your bathroom, shower, laundry and sanitary/toilet compartments and excludes areas such as kitchens, bar areas and kitchenettes.

A waterproofing system is a combination of elements that are required to achieve a waterproof barrier which includes the substrate, membrane, bond breakers, sealants and finishes.

Types of Waterproofing

There are many different types of waterproofing materials such as, Water Based Polyurethane, Bitumen, Acrylic and Cementitious systems. It is essential you have the right waterproofing material located in right area of your home. The wrong type of waterproofing may cost you tens of thousands in repairs. That's why its important to have Northern house inspections conduct a pre purchase building inspection to access and investigate all areas of your dream home and keep you well informed. See or pre purchase sample report that highlights just some of the issues we may find.

Common building DEFECTS

There are many old and new projects throughout Melbourne (large & small) at risk of becoming 'white elephants' over time purely because of poor waterproofing practices. For many building companies the cost can be huge, but for some new owners and landlords, the cost of remedial waterproofing can often be horrendous.

  • Slab penetrations for services create problems.
  • Inadequate protection of the waterproofing system, causing damage to the membrane.
  • Incorrect hob details.
  • Failure of the substrate.
  • Insufficient falls to the drainage points.
  • Incorrect membrane selection, which fails because of:
  • Membrane not being suitable for trafficable applications.
  • Membrane is not UV stabilised.
  • Membrane is not compatible with substrates, bond breakers or fillets.
  • The systems inability to cope with substrate movement.

Membrane incorrectly installed because of:

  • Excessive moisture content in substrates.
  • Poor detail around penetrations and protrusions.
  • Failure to adhere to manufacturers recommendations.

Along with any one of these reasons, most waterproofing failures occur from the need to get the job done in the quickest time for the lowest cost, sometimes completed by a DIY handyman. It is important to have a home inspection with Mike who can use his knowledge to ascertain any failures in the waterproofing of your potential new home. Call us on 0481 299 682 today or click here to request an instant quote!!