Termite attack Maintenance Checklist

You should check your home regularly for anything that may attract termites. Northan House Inspection Melbourne offers flowing tips are designed to reduce the risk of infestation and damage, not stop termite attack!!

  • Plumbing leaks, drainage problems and roof leaks should all be dealt with quickly, as damp conditions attract termites.
  • Garden beds and plants should be kept away from direct contact with outside walls. Hard paving should be substituted.
  • Do not allow soil from garden beds to block drainage or ventilation openings in the external walls.
  • Nothing should be stored against outside walls. This practice may allow termite to gain easy access to the wall cavity without early detection.
  • Proposed extensions or alterations to the building must not result in the removal of existing termite barriers or access for inspections.
  • Spaces under the floor must be kept well ventilated. Make certain that airflow through the vents is not obstructed.
  • Watch for termite infestation in piles of firewood or stacks of stored timber must be kept away from the house, raised above the ground and covered to keep them dry.
  • Consider using termite resistant timber for work on your home.
  • Remove all dead trees and stumps as soon as possible.
  • Metal stirrups should be used for setting pergola, gate and veranda post in the ground.
  • The use of untreated timber sleepers for retaining walls and garden beds should be avoided.
  • Timber decking around verandas and swimming pools should be cleaned and inspected regularly.